Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?
To get started, there are four basic steps that you need to complete:
  • Create a Form
  • Add Questions to Your Form
  • Set Up Reporters
  • Set the status of your form to Ready

Options to complete these tasks are available under the MANAGE option on the Main Menu.

If you are manually entering your questions, add your reporters first and then add your questions. This way, you can assign reporters as you add questions.

If you are uploading your questions from a file, you want to upload your questions first, then update the Email addresses for each of your reporters.

Can I do everything I need to do with one form?

More than likely. A form contains a list of questions and a list of reporters who are assigned to answer those questions. You may need a second form if you have another list of questions or reporters that is drastically different or unrelated to your other form(s).

How do reporters opt-in and opt-out?

When you add a reporter, the system will automatically send them an Email notification with a link that they can click on to opt-in. The system will automatically alert the reporter to opt-in 2 additional times until they either opt-in or opt-out.

If the reporter opts out, they will no longer be notified and an "Opted Out" status will show for that reporter. You can request that a reporter opt-in after they opt-out by deleting and re-creating that reporter. If the reporter had previously opted in, deleting and re-adding that reporter will not require them to opt-in again.

Can I bypass the Automatic Reminder Schedule and just send Reminders to my reporters manually whenever I want to?

Yes. Under Manage | Reminders, you can delete all the scheduled reminders and select the Send Reminders tab to manually send out reminders for the time period of your choosing. To prevent a reporter from receiving duplicate reminders, the system will only allow you to send one reminder to each reporter within a 24 hour period.

Why can't I enter the reporter's first and last name? I can only add their Email address and Group.

Reporters are responsible for managing their own first and last name in their user profile. You cannot change it for them. If one of your reporters does not have an Email address, you do have the option to enter their first and last name when you add them as a reporter.

How can I customize the schedule of when Reporters are asked to answer the questions on the form?

Select Manage | Reminders from the Main Menu. On this screen, you can set up as many reminders as you want. Specify a percentage for each reminder. This percentage signifies the percentage into the time period that the system will remind the reporters to answer the questions on the form. You can also set up reminders that target reporters who have not yet reporter or have already reported.

Finally, you can specify a custom message. If the reporter has decided to receive reminders via Email, the custom message will display in the Email. If the reporter receives text message or voice reminders, the message will show on the reporting screen after the reporter follows the link to report.

How can I (or others) be alerted immediately whenever a question is answered?

There are two types of alerts: Form Alerts and Question Alerts.

Form Alerts apply to any question that is answered on a form. When any question is answered on the form, an alert will be sent to the specified groups or reporters. Form Alerts can be configured by selecting Manage | Questions and selecting the Form Alerts menu option.

Question Alerts apply to a specific question that is answered on a form. When this particular question is answered, an alert will be sent to the specified groups or reporters. Question Alerts can be configured by selecting Manage | Questions and editing a question. The Alerts tab allows you to set up an alert for the selected question.

How can reporters get their reminders via text or voice message? How can alerts be sent via text or voice message?

When a reporter opts in, the reporter can determine how they want to receive Reminders and Alerts. Options for Email, Text, and Voice are available. NOTE: Text and Voice will only be available of specifically enabled under Manage | Form Settings.

How can I give others access to a form?

Under Manage | Reporters, you can add anyone's Email address and set their Permission Level accordingly. The system will ask that person if they wish to opt-in and ask for that person to set their First and Last name and personal preferences. Until they opt-in, the reporter's name will show up as their Email address. Once the reporter you added has registered for an account, they can login and access your form.

What devices/web browsers are supported? suppots most modern web browsers and mobile devices. It supports Internet Explorer 9 or later. While we could probably get to work on some of the older browsers, we believe a better solution is to encourage those who are still on older browsers to upgrade to the latest Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Chrome browser for security reasons.

For my form, there are two or more people sharing the same Email address. How do I deal with that? supports one reporter per Email address for security reasons. We encourage that each reporter have their own Email address. If reporters are sharing an Email address, those individuals can set their name accordingly; for example, "First Name: Jon & James Last Name: Johnson". Entering multiple first names is a viable work-around for this situation. Keep in mind that the reporter can set their name to whatever they desire regardless of the questions/assignments you are managing.