Quick Overview for Home & Visiting Teaching - 20:15 (Rough Cut - A better version will be released when possible) Quick Overview for Home & Visiting Teaching - 4:07 Getting Started for Home & Visiting Teaching - 10:29

  • Using for Home/Visiting Teaching makes your Home or Visiting Teaching reporting easy by automatically gathering the results from teachers into a consolidated report. for Home/Visiting Teaching includes all of the great features explained in Custom Reporting at a substantially reduced monthly cost of $1.25 ($15.00 per year).

    Here is what you need to know about using for Home/Visiting Teaching:

    • Create one form for each group (Elders/High Priest/Relief Society)
    • The cost of is $1.25 monthly per form ($15.00 per year) per group for Home/Visiting Teaching. Combining groups (EQ/HPG/RS) into one form will cause problems and it is not recommended.
    • Please see the Frequently Asked Questions and Contact Us if you run into any problems. We will continue to update the FAQ.
    • All previous groups automatically receive $25 credit. Simply enter your Public Group ID when adding the form on
    • The new system,, does accept the same assignments file format as
    • There is no longer any way to sign up for the old system ( Please use instead.

    Here are the steps to follow to sign up for Home or Visiting Teaching on

    1. If you have an account on the old system,, Disable Automatic Emails for your group under "Settings | Group Settings | View/Edit Group Settings | Auto Email Options. Just check the checkbox and click Save. You can save this step until last, but please be mindful of preventing duplicate notifications being sent to your reporters from both systems.
    2. Register on and create a new form by clicking ADD FORM on the menu.
    3. Under Form Type, select Home/Visiting Teaching. This will also decrease the monthly cost to $1.25 per month and give you 3 months worth of credit.
    4. If you have a group on already, enter the Public Group ID and press the Apply button. This will give you $25 additional credit. You can find your group's Public Group ID by selecting Settings | View/Edit Group Settings on the Supervisor Menu.
    5. Enter a form name that clearly indicates what the purpose of it is. For example, "Hill Valley Home Teaching."
    6. Fill in other applicable fields. Pay special attention to "Same questions every time period." Turn "Same questions every time period" on if you want the system to automatically use the same questions/assignments for each month. If this is turned off, the system will wait for you to add/upload questions at the end of each month. If you are manually entering questions, you probably want to turn this on so you don't have to re-enter all the assignments every month.
    7. Select SAVE CHANGES and your form will be saved.
    8. If you are uploading assignments files, select Manage | Questions and select the time period you would like to add your assignments to. Then, click the upload button. Once your assignments are uploaded, you can select "Manage | Reporters" to enter Email addresses for your reporters. NOTE: With, you can upload all your assignments at the same time. Simply select ALL assignments files at once.
    9. If you are manually entering assignments, first select Manage | Reporters and add your reporters with Email addresses. Then, you can select Manage | Questions and add questions. This way, your reporters will be available for you to assign as you add each question. Add one question per Household or Sister. Just entering the name works fine or you can phrase it in a question such as, "Did you teach Joe Johnson?" Before sure to select the appropriate Home/Visiting Teaching Question Group, which should automatically link that question to the list of possible answers.
    10. Once you have followed these steps, you can click the PLAY button on the Main Menu to set your form to READY status. The system will begin collecting data from your reporters at this time. Terminology

    Here is an explanation of the terminology used in as it pertains to Home/Visiting Teaching:

    • In, Households or Sisters are now referred to as Questions. This is because you can now ask your reporters about things other than Households or Sisters.
    • In, Teachers are now referred to as Reporters. This is because you may want to ask questions to people in your group who are not necessarily Teachers.
    • In, Groups are now referred to as Forms. A Form contains all the assignments that you need to ask your reporters about.